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Properties input

Inputs are interactive controls for users, used to modify any element property.

Basic inputs


Most inputs have an area to enter text. Calculations can be entered and will be computed (e.g., 2+2 or 2*2).

Input compute

Inputs for numbers have a hidden slider. Hold the left click and slide left or right to change the value. When the value is bounded on at least one side, there is also a grabber with a visible slider.

Inputs have a reset button when the value differs from the default one.

If an animation is active and if the property allows it, a key button will appear at the right of the input to add a key to the animation track.

Input slider

Additionally, you can copy and paste values between inputs from the menu by right-clicking on the input's name.

Resource inputs

Input resource

Resource inputs hold a file, for example, an image. The resource can be managed by clicking on the input's main button or by going to the menu (the three dots) and clicking on manage.

Palette input

Input palette

Palette is a special resource input containing a color palette.

Input palette menu

The Create button starts a new palette from scratch, while Generate with adjustments generates a palette from the current layer with adjustments applied. Palettes can also be loaded from files and saved.

Input palette generate

When generated from an image or a layer, there's a special manage menu where the generated palette size can be changed. This will recalculate the best palette colors from the source. Once the palette is ready, it can be imported with the Import & Manage button.

Input palette manage

Palette colors can be sorted. Multi-select is supported with left-click rectangle selection or with shift or ctrl and reorganization with drag'n'drop. Colors have a right-click menu to create new ones, copy/paste, or delete. Colors can be modified by clicking on them.

Gradient input

Input gradient

The gradient input generates a 1D gradient with a defined width.

Multiple color keys can be defined with easing functions. New keys can be created with a right-click menu.