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Main Windows

PixelOver main window is composed of a top bar menu and a multiple page container which contains the home page and project pages

Top bar menu

  • In file menu, you will be able to create new project, open a project or files.
  • When a project is opened, in project menu, you can save, export, undo/redo and quit the current project.
  • In shader menu, you access favorite shader files, and when a project is opened, you can open or save a shader related to the active layer.
  • In settings, you can edit the global settings and keyboard shortcuts. Check settings for more details.
  • In about, you will find information about PixelOver and current software version.

Home page

Home page preview

Through the home page you have access to recent files and folders. You can click on favorite button to keep the file in the list. Multiple files can be selected with shift or ctrl, reordered with drag'n'drop and opened with double click or right click.

Project page

After creating a new project or opening a project file from the home page or the top bar menu, a new project page tab will be opened.