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About Pixelover

PixelOver is a cross-platform pixel art oriented animation software. It offers a variety of filters, including dithering and indexation, as well as real-time animation tools like keyframe animation and bone rigging with pixel-art resampler to ensure your animations maintain a pixel-perfect look.

Main features

  • Import images, GIFs, or 3D models.
  • Layers system with pixel-art oriented effects such as indexation, dithering, and pixel-perfect lines, offering advanced functionality like color cycling.
  • Animate everything with keyframe animations.
  • Bones animation including inverse kinematics and pixel-art oriented mesh deformation.
  • Advanced particle systems.
  • Export to images, GIFs, or spritesheets with automatic rotation for 3D scenes.

You can check the roadmap for past and future updates.

Organization of the documentation

  • In the about section, we will see how to install and update PixelOver.
  • In the user interface section, we will provide a room tour of PixelOver's main windows and panels.
  • In the general functionalities section, we will cover how to import and export files and understand the PixelOver scene, shader, animation, and objects.
  • Check out the tutorials for step-by-step guides on each main feature.

PixelOver community

For questions, issue reporting, or suggesting improvements, feel free to engage with the community forum or join the Discord server.